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Friday, 27 April 2018

9 Best Tamil Short Films of All Time Which You Can Not Miss on YouTube

Tamil Short Films of All Time: Hi everyone, tired of searching for best Tamil Short Films on YouTube? No time to Filter on the humongous YouTube? Here we bring you the 13 Best Tamil short films by filtering and don't mind the number as I mentioned YouTube is humongous. Go through the post thoroughly and check out the short films. BTW you can thank us later.

13 Best Tamil Short Films of All Time Which You Can not Miss on YouTube:

So many artists made to big screen through the Short Films hence there is always demand and focus on the Short Films irrespective of the language. Not only acting but also representation of the Short Film is also important. When it comes to the representation Direction and D.O.P (Director Of Photography) come into picture so they play a crucial role in any Films. That is why we make many posts like Best Tamil Short Films of All Time, Tamil Short Films Love, Tamil Short Films Comedy which make easy for you as well as the persons who are looking for the Best Artists or The Latest Short Films. This post 13 Best Tamil Short Films of All Time will give you surety of  representation, story as well as entertainment which include comedy. So without wasting anytime let's get into 13 Best Tamil Short Films of All Time.

Best Tamil Short Films
9 Best Tamil Short Films

Don't Hesitate to click on the play button if you find any interesting Short Film in Best Tamil Short Films. Enough with the stuff let's hop into the Videos:

Don't judge the video by just reading the description of the video because it's just the thought of the writer but you may have a different set of mind which make you like this video. More Over I said it is Best Tamil Short Films of All Time. If you still want to read the description of the videos. That is OK! Check out the description under the video.

Paalvaadi Kadhal:

Interesting Point is ........Nothing.... but it has 8.5 Million YouTube Views (when I wrote this pots). If this makes you excited then go head click the play button, we don't mind.

Here is the description of the video in the writer's perspective.

Description: A Small Attempt To Recall Your School Memories, especially for 90's kids.

Yup this is a Short Film and falls under the Best Tamil Short Films of All Time 

The Interesting Fact is The Former National Level Cricket Player Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli acted in it. This Tamil Best Short Film has over 7.7 Million YouTube views and you must watch it for Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli.

Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey:

This is a Romantic Comedy Short Film. The Writer says it is a common and commercial love story which everyone should crossed in their life. Check out the video and tell us whether the description is appropriate or not, Since we added this in Best Tamil Short Films Category.


The name itself tells about the short film. Yes, it is based on Mother. Not every Short Film on Mother makes into Best Tamil Short Film Category but this made and it has something in it that you can connect to.

Happy New Year:

Although this is not right time for that tittle but you can still watch this short film because it made into Best Tamil Short Film of All Time.

Haiku Nee:

The thumbnail has something so I went through the video and comments. Yes, this Romantic short film can be in Best Tamil Short Films and not of All Time but yes it is Best.
It has over 2.9 Million YouTube not because of the thumbnail.

Alli Malarum Adhikaalai:

This is award winning short film and also Best Tamil Short Film to watch. Hence I put this in this post. Go head and click the play button.


This Short Film is based on Domestic Disturbances. For some it is appropriate but some accept. So Short Film is for some who accept. Don't worry no one is watching you except google who can still watch.

Unnodu Vaazhnthaal Varam Allava:

There is a huge competition for the Best Love Story Short Film so, I picked this Short Film. Hope you don't mind and click on the play button and sit back. When they Short Film is finished you will wake up from the different world, may be. So Go Head and No One is Watching You.

Let's wrap this up and it is getting late. Remember that No One Is Watching You. Click on the play button till I write the next post. Craving for more Best Tamil Short Films ? Check Out this Web-Site SMASHPLEX which has large collection of Short Films, Web-Series, Cover Songs and Stand-Up comedy. They bound everything and made easy for Viewers and Artists.

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